Thursday, December 16, 2010


the trailer

the latest news about Transformers 3 had out

it will be named Transformers 3:Dark of the Moon

this according to the director, Michael Bay will be the last installment of the Transformers and therefore complete the trilogy

i have seen the official trailer and i would like to say it was amazing

in this third film, Michael Bay had rewrites the history of moon landing

it is in accordance with the title itself, dark of the moon actually refers to the side of the moon that does not face earth , it is a place where communications between earth and the astronauts cut off.

The trailer suggest that NASA knows about the encounter with 'something' up there, it is not known whether  NASA know about the Cybertronian spaceship but it might, because we had learn in the first film that Sam Witwicky's great-great-grandfather discovered a robout during an Artic mission in the late 19th century, that eventually lead to the construction of Hoover Dam in 1930's to hide the robot[Decepticon, Megatron]

interestingly, the trailer also shows a yellow robot that become live at the end of the trailer, where the identity is still mysterious, but rumors said that it was Alpha Trion, one of the thirteen original transformers, and some said Unicron, the Planet sized villains, and some rumor said that it was an Autobots merely on the colour of the eye of the mysterious robots which is blue.

Shockwave also had been confirmed to be the villains in Dark of the Moon

meanwhile, other news is that Megan Fox will not be in this film

can't wait to see it, 7.1.11 in US

the landing


the mysterious yellow robot


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