Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nike CTR 360

as one of the thousand fans of Arsenal,

i surely do love football and specifically, watching the Gunners play

one of my favorite player is Cesc Fabregas, the current captain of Arsenal.It is because his passing skill are majestic and so wonderful

however, the things that i want to highlight here is about Cesc Fabregas soccer boots

it is known as Nike CTR 360, the red and black boots

it brings revolution to the soccer boots trend nowadays and the boot was created by Nike based on Cesc Fabregas playing style, which is mostly based on control and passing the ball all around the pitches

i also own one of these pairs, and from my experience, they are a wonderful boots, it help to increase my confidence on the pitch, and it also help to improve my ball control and passing accuracy.

sincerely, i agree that the skill are obtain through training and work hard, but this technologies from Nike CTR 360 are also helping to add something valuable to my playing time

the material for these shoes are Kanga-Lite which is design to give comfort, support and extra feel to help enhance the touch.For the new technologies, they are the dampening pods to enhance the touch even further, a new innovations.

Another innovations are the laces position were also positioned in center to give more spaces for passing, control and touch which i tell you, a very important aspect for a footballers, more specifically he one who plays in playmakers position.

The boots is all about touch, precision, accuracy, and durability

However for your information, the newest version had arrived

yes , Nike CTR Maestri 2 had arrived

for this soccer boots , i'll update about in later , but from what i hear, they are surely way better than Nike CTR 360.

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