Thursday, December 16, 2010

Apple Iphone 4

when we are talking about phone, one of the phone that are hot in the market are surely Apple Iphone 4

it is a slate smartphone designed by Apple corporation, and it is the 4rth generation of Iphone.The Iphone 4 was firstly announced on 7 June ,2010 and released on 24 June in United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan and was launched on 24 September 2010 by DIGI
which is the official dealer in Malaysia alongside with Maxis.

                                                   Digi advertisement

                                                             the Iphone 4

                                                     Iphone 4

it runs Apple iOS operating system and primarily controlled by user's fingertips.

It was the first Iphone Model to have 2 cameras [the main one is 5 Mega Pixel]

It use Micro SIM card

The technology "Retina Display" which is 3.5 Inch(89mm) LED backlid liquid crystal display with 960x640 pixel resolution willl surely help the user to experience HD(High Defintion) very well.

It was designed by Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Of Apple Inc.

It is slimmer but slightly heavier but i tell you, it is nothing as we can feel the that this product is secure and safe to use.

Battery life of Iphone 4 also had been improved compare to its predecessor.For example, 5 minutes call may only drain 2% which is for me, IMPRESSIVE because it is surely energy-safe

In the voice quality, i would like to say, it's OK

Conclusion, if you have money, i would recommend you to buy Iphone4 as it would surely helped you a lot.

p/s : i don't have one, just have experienced =p, but why not?


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